Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fierce - The Fiercest of All!

Now I know what your all thinking. Fierce compared to Lipstick and Eternity? Well, with an amazing team behind it, including the very talented and beautiful graphic designer Hunnigall, (Alice), it just might be possible.
Yep, Fierce is definetly my favorite magazine. I discovered it quite late, back in late 2010. The magazine released its first issue back in February 2009. Only then it was called 'Sprinkle Magazine.' Let's take a trip back in time to check out the first ever issue of this legendary magazine:

What it Was:

Fierce, previously Sprinkle's first issue was definetly
statement making, but it was nothing compared to what
the magazine would come up with later. Sprinkle was just
the opening act. No one knew what was to come.

And so gradually, Fierce got better, let's check out what the team would come up with a few issues later:

An Improved Version:
 This has to be my favorite cover of all time. Its
immense detailing and stunning graphics just puts
everything together. I still often read this issue over
and over again. Just compare this and the previous 
picture. Oh, how I love this!

And Now...

Fierce has not finished yet. We have great expectations of what might be its final issue. *weeps*. Sad. A great end to a great magazine.

What a breathtaking spoiler. It just makes us more intrigued 
to see what's gonna happen in this issue. But I just know it's gonna be Fierce!

And there you go, a review on my favorite magazine, just as promised. Next time: A review on my least favorite magazine. (may be harsh)

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