Friday, June 24, 2011

Outrage Magazine!

Outrage Magazine, owned by LadyGagaMcQueen,has released a number of spoilers. But the real reason of my post is that I've been chosen as a MODEL for this magazine!!!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Models - Before and After

We've all heard of the hit T.V. show, America's Next Top Model?. Yes, the very show that inspired stardoll modeling. And we all know the contestants and winners from that cycle. So, I decided to make a post on the top model winners pics, before and after. I'll start with my all time favorite top model winner, Nicole Fox.

Nicole Fox

This was one of the first pictures taken of Nicole. 
and though it's good, you should see her current pictures!

Oh my God! Do you see what Isee? Such a high fashion
and class. Oh, just look at the intensity in her eyes! Brilliant!

Raina Hein

Alright. The very first picture of Raina. Hmm
It's alright . . . I've seen better shots of her

Wow! There were so many great pics of her,
I had to choose only one. This picture is so beautiful!

Analeigh Tipton

I honestly could not find any old pic of her's.
Because she's so successful now!

There is something so great about her. And Ilove this
picture! The dress is so nice!

I'll post some more later. So what do you think? Who's your favorite from the three, and which do you think has improved the most? Give your opinions in the comments section. Until next time, Raina xx

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stardoll's Most Wanted

No, I don't mean Jenna's blog, I mean the really rare and wanted things on Stardoll. This is a new segment I'm starting on this blog. Every time I get the time, I'll post about two ultra rare items. The clothes that some people would dies to have. The clothes that some people would hack to have. And here I have it, all the rares, Donna Karen, Limited Edition, Victoria's Secret, Voile, Dirty Dancing, Lottery Dresses, RC clothes and much more! All credit for pictues goes to Stardoll's most desirable/desired...

1) Dirty Dancing Dress

The Dirty Dancing dress is inspired by the dress worn by Baby (Jennifer Grey) in the final dance of the movie "Dirty Dancing". It was created by the Costume Designer Hilary Rosenfeld. 
This dress was a prize for and old competition in Stardoll, and today it is the most valuable item.But in my opinion, I do not see what people see in it. Just like the scuba, this dress is a bit overrated . . . But that's just me.

2) First Season DKNY

The DKNY Scuba Dress is one of the items of the DKNY ready-to-wear Fall 2007 collection. Magdalena Frackowiak walks the runway wearing it. 
Though this dress is gorgeous and one of the most prestigious, coveted and rare items on Stardoll, it was the cheapest in the team of ultra rare and expensive DKNY.

What do you think? Do you have these items? I sure don't! lol. Until next time, Raina xx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week Craze + New Fashion Lines

We all know the immensely successful, and no doubt fully entertaining Stardoll Fashion Week, which features all the old and classic designers as well as the new and upcoming ones. Many designers would kill to get into Stardoll Fashion Week, as would models (like myself) Well, the models are in luck, since so many more fashion lines are launching. 

BYS stands for Be Yourself and it is a fashion line by Blahm3
Click here to apply as a model or to check it out.

We've all heard of Kharma Models, owned by Linus (dogboy96)
Click here to apply as a model or to check it out.

Fantasy Couture is a Fashion Line owned by Ellen 
Click here to apply as a model or to check it out. 
 Hayslip Couture owned by Eamonn, Patrick, Kimberly & Lana
Click here to apply as a model or to check it out. 
 And finally, Fashion by Selena Marrilyn De Ville (Ruubin)
Click here to apply as a model or to check it out.
So what do you think? So many new fashion lines. Which one do you like the best, which one will you apply for? I applied for all! Haha. I think the most stunning graphic would have to be Selena's. But BYS has been very successful in the past. Kharma did fairly well and the rest are newcomers. Which one are you the most impressed by? Expect big things from all of these lines! Until next time, Raina xx

Star Design

Star Design is definetly a form of Art, and many members take pride in their original designs. For some it's a way to earn money, but for others it's a hobby. I checked out a few designs. Here are some of my designs.

Designed by Orange008

Designed by mano-moon

Designed by CrystalsJoy

Designed by Sisi1358

What do you think? Which one is your favorite. Too bad I cannot buy any, since they aren't for Starcoins. But, even when we had Stardollars, it was still too expensive for my purse. Have you bought any of these? Until next time, Raina xx

Friday, June 10, 2011

High Fashion

I decided to post about High Fashion today, since it's my absolute favorite type of fashion. The definition of High Fashion is vague. But the words most fitting are classy, elegant and poised. In my opinion that is. So I'm going to post some pictures that will later zoom through the printer and find themselves taped onto my wall as posters :)

as you can see, she is wearing the outfit
the outfit is not wearing her, which in my 
opinion, is what a model should do.

She looks so tall! And so graceful. This is called
tricking the camera. You just have to model in
an angle that in the camera makes you look taller.

I love haute-goth fashion editorials!
This is so beautiful, my eyes are tearing up.
See the contrast between her outfit and face/hair?
Pure Genius!

I hop this defines to you what High Fashion is. And if not, just go to Google images and search it! So, what do you think? Did you like these images? Tell m,e in the feedback section. Until next time, Raina xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New vs Old

Once upon a time their was a young girl born in the year 1996. In other words, the evolution of the Barbie Doll. The girl recievd her first Barbie doll at the age of 3, and it looked a little like this:

Otherwise known as the 'Plastic Surgery Barbie Doll', but nevertheless, the girl was happy. And due to her greediness she got a few more of these 'beauties'. But of course she was bound to get bored with these old fashioned snooze bags, especially since all her friends had cool ones from the 21st century. At this time the year was about 2002, and so the girl got her wish, a then modern doll, which looked like this:

Well, there you go! The latest doll of 2002, and you'd think the girl would be satisfied. Well, she was, for about 6 monthes. There was something wrong with the dolly's face. It wasn't, how do you say, modern enough . . . She wanted something bee-yoo-tee-ful and 'cool'. Well, this time her parents made her wait, determined not to spoil her. But soon enough, in 2006, at the age of 10 (yeah she was still into dolls at that age) she got the doll which was 'in'!

Wow, finally, a modern doll is handed into the clutches of the girl. Electric guitar, fishnets, high heeled bots, and a mini dress.. Not to mention the outrageous hairstyle. But the girl loved her, thinking it had upgraded her to instant coolness in the small circle of her friends.
And thus ends the tale of the greedy little girl who always got what she wanted. Have any idea who she is? Anyway, my point is, look at the way Barbie dolls have involved during the years. Here is a model of the first ever Barbie doll:

Behold, the vintage barbie doll. It's pretty, isn't it?  But I think the modern ones are better. What about you?

Linus & Linnea Are The Person!

(My new banner, do you like it?)

OK, I realize that this isn't your ideal blog for shockers, scandals and news, you'd much rather take a trip to PSG of Beg For More. But, I partly posted this post in support and partly because I had nothing else to post about hehe. (And I wanted to show off my new banner) 

Linnea's , well now Linus', inspirational words, "Identity is a construct, I've heard."fit quite appropriately in this situation. On a recent post in PSG, JosiMae stated that she had proof that Linus and Linnea were the same person. Well, great proof, it's on their his presentation!

If you can't see it, just visit .pease. Anyway, Linus is behind the two accounts, and he has owned up, for which he gains respect by me (and believe me, that is not easy) Well, we should have known all along, both their medollies are quite similar, they're both Swiss as well. Oh well, some of us now know that we;re not going to be detectives when we grow up, haha. (I know, that's lame, but I'm in a vibe right now.) 
Until next time, Raina xx


RENTM (Rockin Elle's Next Top Model) is currently holding auditions for Cycle 2. Elle (the owner) wants to spread the word, and what better way to do it than to make a banner? Go on, what are you staring at this blog for, check out the picture and get yourself an audition!

See that? Well, if your a fresh face, (Which I bet you are) then I'd suggest you audition! I know I will.

Color Blocking - The Next Big Thing?

I recently celebrated my Birthday, and so in a celebratory mood, I dragged myself to the mall to treat myself to a new outfit. As I was gazing through the numerous racks, I noticed that many of the clothes had different colors printed on. Was this a trend? I bought two outfits like this (Wow!) and hurried home to do some research.
Turns out this is a trend called Color Blocking, and in my opinion, it is ready to take over the fashion world. Not only do they look great, they stand out enough to earn you a lot of attention! I'd like to share some images I found of the finest color blocking (in my opinion):

Such vibrant colors, it's perfect for the summer!

This trend is becoming popular so fast, that it's found it's way into our very own Dollywood's Starrplaza! Look at these beautiful pieces:

So what do you think of this trend? Will you be purchasing anything, in real life or virtual? Put your feedback in comments. Until next time, Raina

Model Focus - itgonnarain

Not too long ago, a revelation was discovered on Stardoll. A non superstar girl, itgonnarain (Blair) wanted to do something different. She wanted to create an online modeling competition here on Stardoll. How? In the form of sceneries of course! Some people didn' think Blair could do it, but now, almost two years later, she is often dubbed as the 'Mother of all Modeling Competitions' So what gave Blair the inspiration on doing such a risky maneuver? Where did she get the distinct idea? This quote might help calm your curious minds.

"I got involved in modelling because I saw lots of beauty competitions, but they seemed really superficial, so I wanted to create a competition for all sorts of people to showcase their modelling talent through sceneries."

And so she did, and it was called, SNTM.Comp, and the winner was non other than the legendary Mel! (bluegreen86) Blair's modeling competition later inspired Mel to create her own, Melsmodels.
Later, Blair created a new club called, SNTM.XX and the club has been going strong ever since. Many girls who've won the competition have gone on to become very well known throughout the modeling world. All thanks to a simple idea by Blair!

Here are some of her sceneries:

They're all quite stunning . . . If you wanna check out all of Blair's other great sceneries, go to her homepage and click scenery. Until next time, Raina.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Stardoll sceneries are a very innovative way to broaden your talents and interests. A way to spend your time, and see the end product with satisfactory. Posing is now a new aspect in Sceneries, and it comes a lot in handy. Numerous modeling clubs revolve around posing . The first time you lay eyes on a pose, your awestruck, flabbergasted that this is possible, how can you change, twist and bend your medoll's limbs? But soon you do some research, and then you can acquire the skill yourself. Yes, posing is an Art, that only limited people can do, and I am proud to be one of those people.
Unconsciously, I joined a club on Stardoll entitled, 'Modeling World' owned by liajm. After joining, I became curious on what it was about. I clicked on 'Sceneries' and that's when the revelation came. I realized how much there was on Stardoll I did not know. 'Elites, 'Blogs' and now ... Posing?
I created a topic curiously asking how people did this. Lia graciously sent me a link that lead me to a Posing tutorial. I attempted the easy ones, and found that I was successful, now, months later, I create sceneries like these:

This shows that if you have a love for something, and if you keep working on it even after you fail, you can achieve it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am inspired by a lot of things. Every person has someone, or something to be inspired by, or you'd be a very dull person, I'm afraid. 
Back on topic, I'm always on Google Images, searching for anything to get me inspired, mostly editorials, and designs. Whether its inspiration for a pose in a scenery, or just more snippets for decorating my room (LOL) inspiration has always struck to me.
Since one of my hobbies would be sketching the perfect outfit, I decided to see if others around the world shared the same interest as me. Recently, I created High Fashion  sketch just for funu. I wanted to see if others also had potential to do this. 
So, I began my search, rather halfheartedly, by writing 'Fashion Sketches' in the search bar. A few seconds after I pressed 'enter' I stared, awestruck at the vast number, and variety, of results. I thought I would not find anything, but what I found is worthy enough to be printed, snipped out, and stuck on my wall as posters. haha, take a look yourself.
The only way to describe this is pure brilliance. This person is clearly quite talented, and makes my 'sketches' look so immature in comparison. Here are some more that caught my attention.

These creations are by a girl called Crisel. These outfits are inspired by Avante-Garde. I'd say they are drawn to perfection.
I am inspired by these 'works of art' They will push me to do better in my own drawings. Do they inspire you? If so, then in what way? Write in comments your opinions. Until next time, Raina xx


Welcome to my personal Fashion Diary. If you don't know who I am, the name is Raina better know by my Stardoll user name, Bipasha2.
Now, for some things you should know. The title banner is temporary, The graphics got all scrambled, I don't know why! Anyway, here is what  I will be posting about:

Competitions :)

Looking forward to an active blog!