Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New vs Old

Once upon a time their was a young girl born in the year 1996. In other words, the evolution of the Barbie Doll. The girl recievd her first Barbie doll at the age of 3, and it looked a little like this:

Otherwise known as the 'Plastic Surgery Barbie Doll', but nevertheless, the girl was happy. And due to her greediness she got a few more of these 'beauties'. But of course she was bound to get bored with these old fashioned snooze bags, especially since all her friends had cool ones from the 21st century. At this time the year was about 2002, and so the girl got her wish, a then modern doll, which looked like this:

Well, there you go! The latest doll of 2002, and you'd think the girl would be satisfied. Well, she was, for about 6 monthes. There was something wrong with the dolly's face. It wasn't, how do you say, modern enough . . . She wanted something bee-yoo-tee-ful and 'cool'. Well, this time her parents made her wait, determined not to spoil her. But soon enough, in 2006, at the age of 10 (yeah she was still into dolls at that age) she got the doll which was 'in'!

Wow, finally, a modern doll is handed into the clutches of the girl. Electric guitar, fishnets, high heeled bots, and a mini dress.. Not to mention the outrageous hairstyle. But the girl loved her, thinking it had upgraded her to instant coolness in the small circle of her friends.
And thus ends the tale of the greedy little girl who always got what she wanted. Have any idea who she is? Anyway, my point is, look at the way Barbie dolls have involved during the years. Here is a model of the first ever Barbie doll:

Behold, the vintage barbie doll. It's pretty, isn't it?  But I think the modern ones are better. What about you?

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