Friday, June 10, 2011

High Fashion

I decided to post about High Fashion today, since it's my absolute favorite type of fashion. The definition of High Fashion is vague. But the words most fitting are classy, elegant and poised. In my opinion that is. So I'm going to post some pictures that will later zoom through the printer and find themselves taped onto my wall as posters :)

as you can see, she is wearing the outfit
the outfit is not wearing her, which in my 
opinion, is what a model should do.

She looks so tall! And so graceful. This is called
tricking the camera. You just have to model in
an angle that in the camera makes you look taller.

I love haute-goth fashion editorials!
This is so beautiful, my eyes are tearing up.
See the contrast between her outfit and face/hair?
Pure Genius!

I hop this defines to you what High Fashion is. And if not, just go to Google images and search it! So, what do you think? Did you like these images? Tell m,e in the feedback section. Until next time, Raina xx

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