Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Models - Before and After

We've all heard of the hit T.V. show, America's Next Top Model?. Yes, the very show that inspired stardoll modeling. And we all know the contestants and winners from that cycle. So, I decided to make a post on the top model winners pics, before and after. I'll start with my all time favorite top model winner, Nicole Fox.

Nicole Fox

This was one of the first pictures taken of Nicole. 
and though it's good, you should see her current pictures!

Oh my God! Do you see what Isee? Such a high fashion
and class. Oh, just look at the intensity in her eyes! Brilliant!

Raina Hein

Alright. The very first picture of Raina. Hmm
It's alright . . . I've seen better shots of her

Wow! There were so many great pics of her,
I had to choose only one. This picture is so beautiful!

Analeigh Tipton

I honestly could not find any old pic of her's.
Because she's so successful now!

There is something so great about her. And Ilove this
picture! The dress is so nice!

I'll post some more later. So what do you think? Who's your favorite from the three, and which do you think has improved the most? Give your opinions in the comments section. Until next time, Raina xx

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