Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Color Blocking - The Next Big Thing?

I recently celebrated my Birthday, and so in a celebratory mood, I dragged myself to the mall to treat myself to a new outfit. As I was gazing through the numerous racks, I noticed that many of the clothes had different colors printed on. Was this a trend? I bought two outfits like this (Wow!) and hurried home to do some research.
Turns out this is a trend called Color Blocking, and in my opinion, it is ready to take over the fashion world. Not only do they look great, they stand out enough to earn you a lot of attention! I'd like to share some images I found of the finest color blocking (in my opinion):

Such vibrant colors, it's perfect for the summer!

This trend is becoming popular so fast, that it's found it's way into our very own Dollywood's Starrplaza! Look at these beautiful pieces:

So what do you think of this trend? Will you be purchasing anything, in real life or virtual? Put your feedback in comments. Until next time, Raina

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