Friday, June 17, 2011

Stardoll's Most Wanted

No, I don't mean Jenna's blog, I mean the really rare and wanted things on Stardoll. This is a new segment I'm starting on this blog. Every time I get the time, I'll post about two ultra rare items. The clothes that some people would dies to have. The clothes that some people would hack to have. And here I have it, all the rares, Donna Karen, Limited Edition, Victoria's Secret, Voile, Dirty Dancing, Lottery Dresses, RC clothes and much more! All credit for pictues goes to Stardoll's most desirable/desired...

1) Dirty Dancing Dress

The Dirty Dancing dress is inspired by the dress worn by Baby (Jennifer Grey) in the final dance of the movie "Dirty Dancing". It was created by the Costume Designer Hilary Rosenfeld. 
This dress was a prize for and old competition in Stardoll, and today it is the most valuable item.But in my opinion, I do not see what people see in it. Just like the scuba, this dress is a bit overrated . . . But that's just me.

2) First Season DKNY

The DKNY Scuba Dress is one of the items of the DKNY ready-to-wear Fall 2007 collection. Magdalena Frackowiak walks the runway wearing it. 
Though this dress is gorgeous and one of the most prestigious, coveted and rare items on Stardoll, it was the cheapest in the team of ultra rare and expensive DKNY.

What do you think? Do you have these items? I sure don't! lol. Until next time, Raina xx

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