Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Linus & Linnea Are The Person!

(My new banner, do you like it?)

OK, I realize that this isn't your ideal blog for shockers, scandals and news, you'd much rather take a trip to PSG of Beg For More. But, I partly posted this post in support and partly because I had nothing else to post about hehe. (And I wanted to show off my new banner) 

Linnea's , well now Linus', inspirational words, "Identity is a construct, I've heard."fit quite appropriately in this situation. On a recent post in PSG, JosiMae stated that she had proof that Linus and Linnea were the same person. Well, great proof, it's on their his presentation!

If you can't see it, just visit .pease. Anyway, Linus is behind the two accounts, and he has owned up, for which he gains respect by me (and believe me, that is not easy) Well, we should have known all along, both their medollies are quite similar, they're both Swiss as well. Oh well, some of us now know that we;re not going to be detectives when we grow up, haha. (I know, that's lame, but I'm in a vibe right now.) 
Until next time, Raina xx

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