Thursday, June 2, 2011


Stardoll sceneries are a very innovative way to broaden your talents and interests. A way to spend your time, and see the end product with satisfactory. Posing is now a new aspect in Sceneries, and it comes a lot in handy. Numerous modeling clubs revolve around posing . The first time you lay eyes on a pose, your awestruck, flabbergasted that this is possible, how can you change, twist and bend your medoll's limbs? But soon you do some research, and then you can acquire the skill yourself. Yes, posing is an Art, that only limited people can do, and I am proud to be one of those people.
Unconsciously, I joined a club on Stardoll entitled, 'Modeling World' owned by liajm. After joining, I became curious on what it was about. I clicked on 'Sceneries' and that's when the revelation came. I realized how much there was on Stardoll I did not know. 'Elites, 'Blogs' and now ... Posing?
I created a topic curiously asking how people did this. Lia graciously sent me a link that lead me to a Posing tutorial. I attempted the easy ones, and found that I was successful, now, months later, I create sceneries like these:

This shows that if you have a love for something, and if you keep working on it even after you fail, you can achieve it.

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