Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am inspired by a lot of things. Every person has someone, or something to be inspired by, or you'd be a very dull person, I'm afraid. 
Back on topic, I'm always on Google Images, searching for anything to get me inspired, mostly editorials, and designs. Whether its inspiration for a pose in a scenery, or just more snippets for decorating my room (LOL) inspiration has always struck to me.
Since one of my hobbies would be sketching the perfect outfit, I decided to see if others around the world shared the same interest as me. Recently, I created High Fashion  sketch just for funu. I wanted to see if others also had potential to do this. 
So, I began my search, rather halfheartedly, by writing 'Fashion Sketches' in the search bar. A few seconds after I pressed 'enter' I stared, awestruck at the vast number, and variety, of results. I thought I would not find anything, but what I found is worthy enough to be printed, snipped out, and stuck on my wall as posters. haha, take a look yourself.
The only way to describe this is pure brilliance. This person is clearly quite talented, and makes my 'sketches' look so immature in comparison. Here are some more that caught my attention.

These creations are by a girl called Crisel. These outfits are inspired by Avante-Garde. I'd say they are drawn to perfection.
I am inspired by these 'works of art' They will push me to do better in my own drawings. Do they inspire you? If so, then in what way? Write in comments your opinions. Until next time, Raina xx

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