Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Model Focus - itgonnarain

Not too long ago, a revelation was discovered on Stardoll. A non superstar girl, itgonnarain (Blair) wanted to do something different. She wanted to create an online modeling competition here on Stardoll. How? In the form of sceneries of course! Some people didn' think Blair could do it, but now, almost two years later, she is often dubbed as the 'Mother of all Modeling Competitions' So what gave Blair the inspiration on doing such a risky maneuver? Where did she get the distinct idea? This quote might help calm your curious minds.

"I got involved in modelling because I saw lots of beauty competitions, but they seemed really superficial, so I wanted to create a competition for all sorts of people to showcase their modelling talent through sceneries."

And so she did, and it was called, SNTM.Comp, and the winner was non other than the legendary Mel! (bluegreen86) Blair's modeling competition later inspired Mel to create her own, Melsmodels.
Later, Blair created a new club called, SNTM.XX and the club has been going strong ever since. Many girls who've won the competition have gone on to become very well known throughout the modeling world. All thanks to a simple idea by Blair!

Here are some of her sceneries:

They're all quite stunning . . . If you wanna check out all of Blair's other great sceneries, go to her homepage and click scenery. Until next time, Raina.

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